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“Our granite world is now more consistent and reliable”

-R. Dru Laws
VP, Plastics Division
Seljan Company

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With many suppliers, granite-effect colorants are a me-too in a laundry list of materials. "Granite, sure we have that too - here you go." But there's a big difference between Good Granite and Me-Too Granite. And it's not necessarily price (though good granite is often less expensive, as you'll see below). 


Here's the Big Difference...

The Winsell Granite Difference

  1. Great physical properties in molded parts
  2. Processes extremely well
  3. ALWAYS made with branded prime material, allowing for trouble-free processing 
  4. Color matching is very flexible
  5. Due to our proprietary formula, only HALF the material is required - reducing your inventory and costs
  6. Because of the quality systems used in our formulation, this granite is highly repeatable
  7. Quick turnarounds available (try us!)

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