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“Fred, these colors you developed are direct hits!”

-Larry Moody
Wavemaster Docking Systems

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Cornerstones of Value Creation

Cornerstones of Value Creation
– The WinSell Way

  • WinSell is a creator of value-driven material solutions for plastics companies, not a broker.
  • Value, while ultimately producing profitability, is not delivered through a spreadsheet. WinSell delivers value by providing knowledge, expertise and experience gained through years of specialized work "in-the-trenches" of the plastics industry.
  • We are problem-solvers, troubleshooters and process diagnosticians. As an industry service provider, we're in a position to participate in a wide variety of processing scenarios, across the board. This experience allows us to bring new solutions to the plant floor.
  • Value Creation is a long term approach. Competitive advantage is delivered that strengthens customer retention, in addition to profitability.
  • We are a small, personal-approach company. People doing business with people.
  • We conduct our business with respect for our mutual partnerships. This places high priority on timely payments and reliability of service.
  • Our name is on our product. This means we stand behind it, both for performance and logistics.
  • We rely on the guidance of a strong moral compass in everything we do, in our business and in our lives.
  • We respect the fact that Value Creation is only possible when Liberty, Freedom and Self-Reliance are cornerstones of the pursuit of happiness.
  • We, our customers, and our partners will be winners by putting the right ingredients in place and deploying them wisely. We understand the opportunity of our great free enterprise system, and intend to participate fully in the process, to mutual advantage with our entire supply chain.
  • We are in the business of putting the Win in your Sells.