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We Specialize in Granite-Effect Colorants for Plastic Rotational Molding

We provide granite-effect colorants for plastic rotational molding. We are 100% focused on solving granite problems. Through continuous innovation and countless hours of research, we are able to troubleshoot and create excellent granites again and again. This means you get trouble-free processing. And no more streaks and swirls! Through our concentrated focus and ongoing iteration of granite formulations - we've cracked the code.

No One Else Does Granites Like We Do

With many suppliers, granite-effect colorants are a me-too in a laundry list of materials. But there's a big difference between Good Granite and Me-Too Granite. Visit our Products page and learn about The Winsell Granite Difference.

Winsell: #1 in Granite

It's a simple truth: in business it's best to do ONE THING really, really well. We've found our one thing, and it's granite! Call or email me, and let us focus on granite so you can focus on growing your business.


Fred Shockey
Chairman and CEO, Winsell Incorporated

Our Customers Say...

“We like using Winsell granite effect resins. They are easy to process and easy to handle. The granites hide part lines, any imperfections in the molds, and any scuffs, scratches and dirt once the product is in the field. The products out in the field show much less wear and tear than the same product in solid colors. Our customers like it.”

-Mike Humes, Sales Manager, SmaK Plastics

The Roto Granite Blog

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